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Teacher Duma Cornel Lucian , founder in eTwinning project ,, Different , but equal " in final AtmosphEUROPA contest for young minorities of any kind.

I am teacher Duma Cornel Lucian education counselor in Special School Caransebes and I was selected in the 8 finalist in AtmosphEuropa Contest . My speech from 4 november in Eurobama Contest in European Parliament from Brusseles was against discrimination of students with special needs , against poverty and climate challenge .

The AtmosphEUROPA contest for young minorities of any kind. The contest is open to anyone who is under 29 years old, comes from a minority background, lives in Europe and is active on climate protection, on diversity in society, or on poverty reduction. YOU WIN this Contest if you mobilize the most people who will vote for you and your ideas on climate, diversity , and poverty.

This project is under high patronage of President Hans-Gert Pöttering of the European Parliament

With the words of President Hans-Gert Pöttering of the European Parliament, "this interesting and innovative contest, where young Europeans from self-defined minority background will compete for the AtmosphEUROPA Prize and for the attention of the European public on three universal and inter-related subjects: climate protection, intercultural cooperation and poverty reduction, reflects the concerns of the European Parliament." (Letter of 25 March 2009 to the President of the ICLS): "With great pleasure I lend my patronage to this project" continued Mr Pöttering and recalled the European Parliament's commitment to diversity, minorities, equal opportunities and active citizenship, especially among young people. He also mentioned the relevance of the close link of this contest with the European elections.

For the same reasons, senior members of the main political groups, both left and right, of the European Parliament expressed their support for this contest. Their support shows that the contest is beyond party politics, it is mainstream European.

That this contest is inspired by Barack Obama, as stated on the home page of this website


Submissions are due by 30 September 2009 and during October the public will vote on the best ones via the Internet. The 12 most successful candidates (12 stars) will be invited to Brussels for the prime time final on 4 November 2009. Then another public vote will choose the most popular one among the 12 stars.

Now it is the final and was selected 8 finalists candidates in 4 november in European Parliament in Brusseles .

Here you can see all the event and speaches and presentations of ICLS Staff , members of E.U.andcandidates .

AtmosphEuropa Contest - a contest inspired by president of U.S.A Barack Obama at European Parliament in Bruseeles - 4 November 2009 . Open spech : Hans-Gert PÖTTERING, MEP and former President of the European Parliament,Johanna BRISMAR SKOG, Minister, the Swedish Presidency,Artur PAYER, DG EAC, European Commission, and Géza TESSENYI, President of the ICLS.

Open spech of the AtmosphEuropa Contest -Johanna BRISMAR SKOG, Minister, the Swedish Presidency

Introduction of Organizers and summary of the ContestSelina ULLAH, ICLS Management

Introduction of Organizers of the Contest: Maja WARNSTAM , Aimé SINDAYIGAYA (ICLS)

AtmosphEuropa Contest - Candidates introduce themselves and their leadership vision on climate protection, intercultural cooperation or poverty reduction - Candidates in alphabetical order: Halil CIKMAZKARA, The Netherlands, Belmin DEBELAC, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zaneta DENNY, United Kingdom, Cornel-Lucian DUMA, Romania, Viktor HUSZAR, Hungary, Bepin MGUSHI, Albania, Stanley OBINNA, Italy, Giovanni PADOVANI, Luxembourg.

AtmosphEuropa Contest - Halil CIKMAZKARA, The Netherlands,

AtmosphEuropa Contest Belmin DEBELAC, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

AtmosphEuropa Contest -Zaneta DENNY, United Kingdom

AtmosphEuropa Contest - Viktor HUSZAR, Hungary

AtmosphEuropa Contest - Bepin MGUSHI, Albania

AtmosphEuropa Contest -Giovanni PADOVANI, Luxembourg.winner

AtmosphEuropa Contest MEP Timothy KIRKHOPE, Vice-chairman of the ECR Group

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