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International Symposium ,, Creativity and Innovation in special education for combating poverty and social exclusion " May 28, 2010

With this symposium we close our project where students with special needs had a good partenership and collaboration around the Europe see this video hwo I present at the International Symposium and many videos fromm the parteners .

Find more photos like this on Parteners from the project Different , but equal

Special School Caransebes Romania founder in eTwinning project ,,Different, but equal " organized in 28 may International Symposium ,, Creativity and Innovation in special education for combating social exclusion " . At the first part at the event participated also students from Special School Caransebes Romania , Liceul Teoretic Traian Doda Romania and Seminarul Teologic Caransebes Romania and also county and local authorities , parteners and also other teachers . Here you can see our youtube video playlist with 16 recordings .

We present aslo yours videos dear parteners at the symposium .

International eTwinning project ,, Different , but equal " in Estonia . Founder teacher Signe Leht .

Different, but

Signe | MySpace Video

International eTwinning project ,, Different , but equal " in Bulgary . Teacher Tosko Lambov .
Организатори на изложбата базар е Помощно училище „Васил Друмев”, с подкрепата на Сдружение „Сияйна Зора” и РБ „Стилиян Чилингиров”.

International eTwinning project ,, Different , but equal " in Germany .Teacher Iris Weitzel Guempel .

International eTwinning project ,, Different , but equal " in Italy - Teacher Paola Lupi .

joi, 6 mai 2010


For this event Special School Caransebes Roamania made two cakes : one with eTwinning logo and one with logo of the project ,,Different, but equal "

Teacher Cornel Lucian Duma, coordinator for programs and projects in Special School Caransebes speak about

eTwinning ( community for schools over Europe ) who celebrate 5 years

eTwinning has brought a whole new dimension to Special School Caransebes because our students through this portal could see how the educational process takes place in other European countries and they saw in eTwinning project , Different, but EQUAL. " – partenership and collaboration between students with special needs in Europe what activities make pupils with SEN . eTwinning is part of Comenius program and is the European Community Schools . Teachers in the participating countries may enter the site and use eTwinning tools online (portal and desktop) and other tools and applications web 2.0 and social media to get in touch, exchange ideas and practical examples to form groups to participate in seminars and to conduct projects online.
Etwinning.net platform offers:
- Educational tools that integrate new technologies in learning;
- Proximity to other participating countries and their better knowledge;
- Engaging in joint curriculum;
- Participation in a European network of teachers and professional development opportunities through
- Cooperation in international projects and participating in international seminars training / exchange of experience;
- An attractive framework for learning for students and teachers;
- Official recognition and greater visibility of activity at national and European participants;
- Annual awards and national and European quality certificates for the best projects.

A program for students
By participating in eTwinning projects (community for schools in Europe ) students can communicate with other students from participating countries to find specific items of particular cultural or education in partner countries and to learn using new technologies to improve their skills communication in foreign languages.
A program for community
Online twinning of schools may be accompanied by twinning communities. Some cities have decided to complete online communication and cooperation with other projects - visits, cultural activities for adults

- 5 may - European Day for fighting against discrimination of people with special needs . Headteacher Scoala Speciala Caransebes Mihaela Ghita speak about this day .

- 5 may - We celebrate Europe in Special School Caransebes Romania because in 9 may is European Day and we are involved in Spring Day 2010 .

About Spring Day 2010 speack teacher Mariana Ionescu .

Speak also director of the Casa Corpului Didactic Caras-Severin Tudor Deaconu .

From Consiliului Judetean Caras-Severin participated mister Gheorghe Magas and Pavel Ponetchi who speak about this event .

From Asociatia Femeilor Ortodoxe speack presedint Monica Iacobescu .

At the final all the students and teachers where served with cakes by the coordinators of the eTwinning project ,,Different, but equal "

luni, 5 aprilie 2010

Възкресение Христово

Великден (Възкресение Христово, Пасха) е денят, в който християните празнуват възкресението на сина Божи Иисус Христос.

Подготовката за честването му започва в седмицата преди Великден, наричана Страстна седмица. Празнува се три дни. Вечерта преди полунощ в събота се отслужва тържествено богослужение, като точно в полунощ свещеникът обявява Възкресението с думите „Христос Воскресе“. При обявяването на Възкресението, свещеникът изнася запалена свещ, от която всички присъстващи палят своите свещи, които носят по домовете си. Последованието, свързано със запалването на свещите, е заимствано от подобно, което се извършва в Йерусалим, в храма „Св. Възкресение“, при слизането на Благодатния огън.

Easter in Bulgaria

duminică, 14 martie 2010

For international exhibition organized by Scoala Speciala Caransebes Romania in this project send artworks 6 parteners-countries

Our local television Banat Tv present the vernisage of the international exhibition related to our project ,, Different, but equal "

Dear parteners here you can show your students some photos when we made the vernisage of the international exhibition .

Find more photos like this on Parteners from the project Different , but equal

Here you can see the artworks , paitings and drawings from the international exhibition :

For international exhibition related to Martisoare and Annunciation we received artworks , paitings and drawings made by students from next teachers - parteners countries and for this reason we want to thank you very much to :

1.Toshko Lambov

ПУ "Васил Друмев", Shumen, Bulgaria

2. Bracke Johan

Instituut Bert Carlier, Gent, Belgium

3.Arzu Borlas

Maltepe Kız Teknik Ve Meslek Lisesi, Maltepe, Turkey

4.Irina Ivanova

DUCOR "Partenija Zografski", Skopje, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

5. Solveiga Puišienė

Kupiškio Kupos pradinė mokykla, Kupiškis, Lithuania

6. Last but not last our partener - founder with us

Signe Leht

Pärnu Toimetulekukool, Pärnu, Estonia

This paintings on the glass and on the wood was made by students from Scoala Speciala Caransebes .

Our parteners from Greece made also artworks for exhibition but they had a problem and don't send in Romania . Here are artworks from Greece